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Locked away in a small room of my house with only two ginger cats and a packet of hobnobs for company, I produce hand crafted bags of many types.

I work with a variety of fabrics including Canvas , Cordura , Nylon , Polyester and Waxed Cotton producing bags that are designed with quality, durability and uncluttered design in mind.

I started off many years ago making fishing rod bags and gun slings, so the ethos of durability was set back then. Quality is reflected in the attention paid to the detail of the lining for example, and my “clean lines” philosophy produces a great looking bag.

Whether it is because of Norfolk’s rural heritage, but the bags with a “country” feel are very popular, for example the waxed cotton messenger bag range and the “walkies” range of bags for dog walkers.

Some bags made can be quite specialised with very technical fabrics used, cycle bags for example, where weight and breathability are important criteria.

I deliberately make each bag different in some way so you will get a unique item and for something special I am happy to undertake bespoke work built to your specification.

I am very passionate about environmental issues, so for example I do not use animal products and keep all trimmings etc and use them as filling for pet beds.



Canvas is a fabric that gives the bag a lovely soft matt appearance and organic feel. It comes in various thicknesses, textures and colours. Classic canvas is made from cotton and is similar to Calico which is a very raw untreated form of cotton (sometimes I use Calico for linings) some canvases also come as a cotton/manmade fibre mix.








Cordura is quite different to Canvas and has a slight sheen to it and a slightly plastic feel. It is a nylon based material and is very water resisant and very hard wearing and can be found in sports and outdoor bags.








Waxed cotton was in times gone by a very mainstream fabric but now has a smaller market, but it does make a fantastic bag with a unique appearance. Initially it is also fairly rigid but as the surface layer of wax wears off the material acquires a softer feel and it’s own patina. It’s obviously very water resistant and can be ironed between paper to reset it’s appearance.









Sometimes you spot a piece of fabric and you know you’ve got to have some fun with it. This chicken fabric in an Acrylic Canvas was crying out to become a bag!